National Puppy Day Contest: Send us your puppy pics!

Updated: 03.24.15: 5:30 p.m.

With an amazing 130-plus super-cute puppy entries, choosing winners was no easy task. But here are our National Puppy Day contest winners.

Here’s another look at all the entries.

Thanks to everyone who participated and shared their puppy photos with us!

Rudolph, a.k.a ‘Havoc’

03.23.15 – It’s the most adorable day of the year! To celebrate National Puppy Day, we are asking our readers for their best puppy photos for a chance to win some pet books.

Whether your dog is a puppy now, or you have photos of your furry friend as a pup, we want to see some puppies! You can submit your photos to us on Twitter @PetFriendlyATX or email them to

Check out the National Puppy Day photos we have so far today.

And, to continue our celebration, here are 12 interesting facts about pups.


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