5 close animal encounters that will make you jump



We love animals, but in the following cases, these furry creatures and critters were just a little too close for comfort.

At the Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium habitat in Nebraska, visitors got more than they bargained for when a Silverback gorilla suddenly charged and cracked the viewing glass.

At a safari park in South Africa, one family was surprised by a curious lion, who came up to their car and managed to open the car door with its mouth.

At a home in Florida, one resident was in shock when he looked outside and saw a bull shark swimming in his backyard.

In Washington, a semi-truck carrying a load of honey bees overturned on an interstate, scattering boxes containing millions of bees across the highway.

And, while this wasn’t a dangerous encounter, this spring breaker’s encounter with a manatee while vacationing in Florida was certainly frightening for her.

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