Pets of the week: Oct. 23, 2015

Austin Animal Center

Shelby LynnShelby Lynn (ID A713709)

11-year-old Greyhound/Labrador mix, female

Shelby Lynn is one very smart girl, she knows sit, down and shake. Also, she seems housetrained. Plus, she has lived with other dogs and cats, and very respectful and nice to all of them She sleeps inside on her bed and would make anyone willing to make her a member of the family an excellent new friend!

VVioletiolet ( ID A693560)

2-year-old Terrier mix, female

Violet has been with Austin Animal Center over 314 days!! She knows sit, loves to play tug and go swimming. She is very well behaved for nails trimming and baths. Volunteers call her lovely and sweet.

She has lived with other dogs and is a considered a “Rock Star” in her play group. Violet has a video!


5-year-old Calico mix, female

Chrissie is a talker and wants to meet you! Are you looking for a cat to cuddle up with and be your only companion? Chrissie might be the girl for you. She was living on the street when a good Samaritan decided that Chrissie could live with her. She had spent the last 2 years living indoors before her owner had health problems and needed to bring her to us.

BobBob (ID A712790)

5-year-old Blue Tabby, male

Bob has lived with other cats and dogs. He loves our staff and often joins them for lunch in our screened-in cat porch. Come meet Bob and see if he is the right boy for you. Big Bob is waiting.

Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary


1 year, female

Aditi is a friendly young cat, available for adoption starting in September 2015.  She is shown here with two of her kittens (Fayyim and Naja).


5 months, male




5 months, female





5 months, female





7 months, male



Central Texas SPCA

tucker closeupTucker

2 years, male

While he may seem a bit shy at first, Tucker is the happiest little guy once he gets to know you! Tucker loves to play and fetch balls, but once he’s tired out, Tucker is ready to relax with his favorite people. He’s a connoisseur of doggie treats, and milk bones seem to be his favorite so far!


cookie bench 2Cookie

7 years, female

Cookie is a sweet older lady with an easygoing attitude. She lives life on the slow side, and we’re happy to follow her lead! She seems to get along with other dogs just fine, her friend Mufasa can vouch for that! Cookie enjoys lap time above all things, and we’ve learned that she’ll do anything you want for a treat.

buster tieBuster

7 years, male

Buster is all about living it up in his golden years by having tons of fun!He’s a friendly guy who’ll greet everyone at the gate of his kennel with a wagging tail. We’ve found that he likes to sit on laps and lay around in the AC with people. Buster is really attached to Cookie, so we’d love for them to be adopted out together!


1 year, male

Ron is never without a reason to nap. Whether it’s in his comfy bed or on top of his brother, Harry, Ron is happy to relax. He does act a bit shy around new people but once you start petting him, he comes around pretty quickly.  Ron is not a fan of dogs so he would require a slow introduction if his adoptive family has a dog in the house.


1 year, male

This sweet boy is named Harry! He’s extremely friendly and will greet everyone at the door of his kitty condo. He loves to chase and play but his favorite kind of game is hunting a fake mouse toy! Harry will rub against your legs and sit in your lap for hours, his purr can be heard throughout the shelter.

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