5 videos of cute animals wearing clothes, from baby goats to sleepy pugs

Baby goats are taking over the internet. Photo via Sunflower Farm Creamery on YouTube.
Photo via Sunflower Farm Creamery on YouTube.

Baby goats are taking over the internet. Last week, it was a trio of baby goats in sweaters, this week it’s a pair of baby goats in pajamas. The frolicking duo are Winifred and Monty, three-week-old Nigerian dwarf goat siblings that currently live on Sunflower Farm in Maine, according to WCSH 6.

Desperate for more animals-in-clothing cuteness, we searched the internet for videos. Here are a few of the cutest:

Baby Goats in Sweaters 

The video that started the baby goat craze in the first place. The goat triplets, who live on Denmans Critters Farm, can be seen hanging out in style:

Sleepy Pug in Pajamas 

If animals in pajamas are all you crave, this video is for you. A sleepy pug named Doug, decked out in duckie pajamas, is filmed laying in bed with a pug plush and even nodding off at points. If that’s not enough cuteness for you, a lullaby also plays in the background to lull the pug to sleep.

Puppy Dressed as a Teddy Bear 

This puppy, who goes by “Munchkin the Teddy Bear” on YouTube, closely resembles an Ewok in his teddy bear costume. Here, he’s filmed getting in some oversize on a treadmill, but the plush pet has a whole channel of delightful videos to choose from.

Monkey in a Snowsuit

At first sight, this monkey dressed in a snowsuit looks like a bouncy, bundled-up toddler. It isn’t until his owner picks him up that we see he’s been dressed up for a snowy outing. The results are simply adorable.