Dog remains hopeful, despite long-stay at shelter

Fannie_RTRIt was a dream-come-true. Fannie, a 12-year-old Boxer mix, had a soft bed, plenty of food, and children who played with her. She had finally found a place to call home.

Sadly, Fannie’s dream did not last long. After her family went through a divorce, her adoptive father had to go back to his Army base and could no longer care for her. So, through no fault of her own, Fannie was returned to a shelter, to try and find a new home.

And still she waits.

After nearly 1,000 days in the shelter, Fannie still remains hopeful, according to Austin Pets Alive volunteers. They see her patiently waiting in her kennel, watching with hopeful eyes as potential adopters go by. And, according to the volunteers, she happily greets every visitor with a look that says, ‘Could you be the one?’

“Despite all she’s been through, Fannie hasn’t given up on anyone,” says volunteer Anna Crockett. “She still faces each day with a smile.”

Her ability to maintain such a sweet, gentle nature is not the only thing that makes her so endearing. APA says that Fannie is also a girl with tons of personality who loves car rides, walks, treats, taking naps and cuddling.

According to the volunteers at APA, she walks beautifully on a leash and loves to be outdoors. She will go wherever her nose leads her – even to fast food places like Sonic.

Fannie_Sonic2Fannie_Sonic3 Fannie_Sonic







“I love the way she can make herself at home anywhere she goes,” says volunteer Summer Huggins. “She lives in the moment – happy to be there, making new friends.”

Fannie also loves being with people, including children. Her previous family reported that she was great with their small kids, and she was delighted to be the center of attention with a group of kids that came to volunteer at the APA. In fact, Fannie is the go-to-dog during volunteer orientation because she will cheerfully greet all new volunteers and will make them feel welcome.

Fannie_Mason“Fannie makes everyone feel special,” says volunteer Kaylee Soltes Russell. “Whether she’s meeting someone for the first time, or has known them for a while, her face lights up and her tail starts wagging when she’s given even a hint of attention.”

All the volunteers at APA agree that Fannie is sweetheart that would make a great companion. She may not be too fond of other dogs or cats, but she’s fantastic with even the tiniest of humans.

“She is the kind of dog that is smart enough to know when she has it good and smart enough to love it when life is great,” says volunteer Belinda Field.

And, for Fannie, life would be great if she could finally find her forever family.

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