Pets of the Week: July 6, 2015

Austin Animal Center

ChesterChester (ID A637962)

8 year old Blue Lacy mix, Neutered Male

Chester is very ready for his new forever home, having lived in one household for the majority of his life. He is one smart boy, knows sit, down and shake, plus he loves to ride in the car! Walking on leash is easy with him, plus he seems very housetrained!

PasqualPasqual (ID A703590)

4 month old Domestic Long hair, Neutered Male

Since Pasqual is in foster we know a lot about him! He loves to sleep in our lap while you’re working, will sleep next to you at night, loves to play with other cats, is still not quite sure about dogs and is beautiful! He is a young kitten so he must live indoors only for his own safety.

CharlieCharlie (ID A686449)

10 year old Labrador mix, Neutered Male

Charlie is 10 years young and has been with AAC over 300 days!! He still fetches like a young boy and has  great manners! Loves to go for strolls and just lay by your feet as you watch TV or work at your desk. With all the wisdom Charlie has acquired over his years he would be an easy transition into your home!

PeachesPeaches (ID A705678)

11 week old Cream Tabby, Spayed Female

Beautiful and social Peaches here is an excellent example of the hundreds of kittens we have available at Austin Animal Center. Come visit us today and the adoption fee will only be $25 dollars!

LuluLulu (ID A698987)

11 year old Calico, Spayed Female

Lulu loves to spend time with her foster family, play with her toys, and patiently wait for her foster parents to pet her! Lulu does have one special need – when she came to the shelter, she had bladder stones that had to be surgically removed shortly after her arrival. She has fully recovered, but she will need to be on a prescription diet for the rest of her life. It’s not expensive – about $15-20 a month, but this also means that she’ll need regular vet care so that her prescription remains up to date.

Austin Pets Alive!


Domestic Shorthair Mix, male, 3 months

Looking for a lap kitten that purrs like nobody’s business? Then sweet Nacho may be just the cat you’ve been hoping to find! He loves, loves, loves to curl up in laps and turn his purr motor up to full throttle! When he isn’t cuddling or napping he is gleefully active…he loves to stalk and take down his mouse toys or swat a jingle ball back and forth for a good game of catch!


Domestic Longhair Mix, male, 9 years, 4 months

Fluffy is a double-super-sweet kitty who wants to love you and please you! He is patient and easy-going, and loves to sit next to you while you read or work on the computer. He prefers being held and cuddled over sitting in your lap. Fluffy’s back legs don’t always work the way they are supposed to, so he needs help expressing his urine; APA! can provide guidance and training in how to do this.


Catahoula Leopard dog Mix, male, 4 years, 4 months

Guinness is a handsome, loving, gentle soul. He was fortunate to live in a foster home for a while, away from the noisy shelter environment that is a little stressful for him. In the home, he stayed close to his foster mom, snuggling on the couch, giving kisses and laying at her feet. He is learning his manners and his new human should continue his training. This smart boy has adapted to crate training and appears house trained. He has shown some resource guarding, so a home without children will be best for him.


Basset Hound Bulldog, American, male, 2 years, 11 months

To say that Nakia never met a stranger is an understatement. This sweet boy is excited to meet any new human, even climbing into the lap of a complete stranger to cover her with kisses. Nakia is full of confidence. Out for a walk on the trail, he climbed into a maintenance worker’s golf cart to give him kisses, too. Nakia needs to be the only dog in your home, but believe us – he’s all you’ll need! And he’s been known to resource guard, so he’ll do best in an adult-only home or one with older teens.


Terrier, Pit Bull Mix, male, 3 years, 1 month

Louie is a sweet soul who hasn’t been given a chance to be a dog just yet. We don’t know much about his last situation, but he has scars and other signs that it wasn’t a loving home. So things like toys, his leash, his crate, the whole idea of walks…these are all very new to him. But he’s been taking it all in stride. Despite what may have happened in his past, Louie is very trusting and loving with his foster human. If you show him a little kindness, he will be happy to call you friend. He is very affectionate and low key, and if his humans are around, he will always want to be where they are.

Texas Humane Heroes


Domestic Shorthair/Mix, male, 6 years

Meet Noah! Noah is a sweet boy who loves his humans! He can be shy around other cats, but warms up once he is comfortable in a new environment. He’s a lover, not a fighter.


Domestic Medium Hair/Mix, female, 1 year

Meet Daffodil! She is as pretty as the flower and has a sweet personality to go along with it! She likes spending her time with people and enjoys the company of other kitties. She would fit nicely into a home that is as laid back as she is! Come meet her today, you will be going home with the prettiest girl of all!

Little Doe (2)Little Doe

Chihuahua, Short Coat/Purebred, female, 6 years

Meet Little Doe! You won’t be able to resist this sweet girl! Little Doe has been with us for the past year. She was part of the backyard breeding rescue we took part in. All the dogs from that rescue have found their home but Little Doe still waits for hers. She is very friendly but is still getting use to humans. She eagerly will go up to you for a sniff and maybe even a quick kiss to the hand but is still a little shy. She loves to be held, though, and finds peace and comfort from the one who is holding her. She would do great in a quiet environment that will give her time to adjust to her new surroundings.

White HorseWhite Horse

Terrier/mix, male, 2 years

White Horse here! I’m a bit of a wallflower (walldog?) still figuring all this Human Stuff out. Everyday, I’m learning how wonderful people can really be! The yummy treats sure help. I’m looking for a quiet, patient home to help me grow into the best, confident dog I can be.


Chihuahua, Short Coat/Mix, male, 4 years

Meet Duke! He is the Duke of Cuddles! Duke loves spending quality time snuggling up with his human. He is the the ultimate lap dog! But don’t let that fool you, he loves being outdoors, running and playing! He gets along great with other dogs and would love another canine companion but as long as he has a safe and loving home, he is happy.

Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary


Domestic Shorthair, female, 4 months

Cherise is inquisitive and loves to explore.  She is sweet and affectionate, and also loves to play.  She is dainty but still knows how to play with the boys.


Domestic Shorthair, female, 3 months

Danika, the little stunt driver, always on the move until she runs out of gas and crashes on you lap for a long nap.


Domestic Shorthair, male, 3 months

Gizmo the little gremlin is always into something, curious and ready to try anything, especially cuddles and hugs.


Domestic Shorthair, female, 4 months




Mix, female, 1 year

Hi, my name is Piper and I am looking for my forever home. I was abandoned as a younger puppy and had a hard time because no one wanted me. But I’m happy now that I have a foster home and I am excited about finding a home where I’ll belong for good! I am a very spirited pooch and I love to run and play! I am great on a leash and we can have fun walks and jogs together. I have met some other dogs and children and I think I would love to play with them.

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