Austin, other Texas cities score high among cat-friendly places to rent

Russian blue cat, Anastasia, rests on a handheld device. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)
Russian blue cat, Anastasia, rests on a handheld device. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

In Austin, we love our dogs, but we also have room in our hearts (and our homes) for cats.

According to a recent study by Apartment List, renting an apartment with a cat is no problem in Austin, or Texas. The apartment indexing website used their data to calculate which pads would allow you to bring a feline friend along, based on each place’s listing details.

Out of 200 cities, Austin came in at No. 74, with half of the Texas capital’s apartments allowing cats to room with their humans.

According to Apartment List’s numbers, only 40 percent of apartments in the U.S. allow cats. Despite that low number, Texas came out on top in terms of feline friendliness.

Ten Texas cities made it into the list’s top 25 spots, including Houston, where 64 percent of apartments allowed cats, and Irving, where 74 percent of apartments welcomed them.

The coveted No. 1 spot went to the Woodlands, where one hundred percent off apartment complexes allowed cats.

Soon Austinites will have one more cat-friendly place in town – the feline-loving (and somewhat controversial) Blue Cat Cafe will be opening soon in East Austin.

This wiener dog running the bases at an El Paso Chihuahuas game will capture your heart

Funny names aside, minor league baseball teams are especially known for cheesy amazing promotions and contests to get fans to the stadium and enjoying their time between the sports action. On Saturday, the El Paso Chihuahuas (seriously, that’s their actual name) hosted the Wiener Schnitzel race for dachshunds in which the winner would earn the coveted title “El Paso’s Fastest Wiener.” One of the competitors may not have won the race, but that didn’t stop it from taking a lap around the diamond.

chihuahua screengrab
A loose dog from a race runs around the field at an El Paso Chihuahuas game. (Screengrab from YouTube)

After some time in foul territory, this runaway pooch stretches his legs and shows off his potential as a future slugger by dashing around the field. He makes a visit to the pitcher’s mound, spends a few seconds near the dugout and home plate before continuing his journey toward first and second base, dodging would-be dog catchers, including players, along the way. This video is a must-see as this furry friend’s adventure is set to the tune of Tom Petty’s “Running Down the Dream.” Two men manage to trick the pooch into laying down near second base, in what it probably thought was an incoming belly rub. Sneaky humans. This little dog is living every baseball fans’ dream. Watch the full video below.

See photos from what might be the world’s first quinceañera for a cat

Ever felt guilty that you don’t celebrate the birthdays of your favorite furry companions?

Maybe it’s time to start, because this San Francisco woman did and the photos she got from her cat Ponette’s quinceañera are pretty impressive.

Credit: Kira Stackhouse
Credit: Kira Stackhouse

Ponette’s owner, Kira Stackhouse, told Cosmopolitan she spent months creating Ponette‘s quince outfit, which included homemade jewelry and a homemade dress.

“Ponette has really blossomed in the past few years and 15 is quite an accomplishment, so a quinceañera seemed like the perfect way to celebrate,” Stackhouse, who specializes in pet photography, told Cosmopolitan.

Credit: Kira Stackhouse
Credit: Kira Stackhouse

For more photos of the feline fiesta, check out Stackhouse’s Instagram or her photography blog.

Credit: Kira Stackhouse
Credit: Kira Stackhouse


What are the top dog names in Austin?

Did you know that the top name for a chihuahua in Austin is “Cowboy?”

McKenzi Popper, 11, celebrates with her dog Remy after he won his race to advance to the quarerfinals. The 18th Annual Buda County Fair and Weiner Dog Races was held at city park in Buda Sunday April 26, 2015 sponsored by the Lions Club. Photo by Ralph Barrera
McKenzi Popper, 11, celebrates with her dog Remy after he won his race to advance to the quarerfinals. The 18th Annual Buda County Fair and Weiner Dog Races was held at city park in Buda Sunday April 26, 2015 sponsored by the Lions Club. Photo by
Ralph Barrera

Or that Daisy is the most popular Beagle name and third most popular dog name in Austin overall?

This data comes by way of by, a neighborhood-focused social media site, in honor of National Dog Day.

Check out the infographic below to see if the name of your furry companion is one of the top dogs in Austin.

Then, give us your thoughts on why Austinites’ favorite name for a Shih Tzu is “Bourbon.”


Looking for more ways to celebrate National Dog Day? Check out Matthew Odam’s list of dog-friendly restaurants, Ari Auber’s scoop on North Austin’s answer to Austin’s cat cafe and these pictures of dogs who look like Willie Nelson.

Willie Nelson calls for look-alike dogs in time for National Dog Day

National Dog Day is August 26, and Austin’s own Willie Nelson has joined in on the celebration with a four-legged Nelson look-alike contest on his official Facebook page.

UPDATE Wednesday: And on the day itself, Willie posted some of his favorites!

Thousands of fans responded by uploading photos of their dogs (and other pets) that either bear a close resemblance to the country singer, or are named after him.







The resemblances are striking.

Dogs aren’t the only animals named after Nelson – in June, the Fort Worth Zoo welcomed a pair of baby giraffes named Waylon and Willie, named after the great Waylon Jennings and, you guessed it, Willie Nelson.

Couple takes adorable newborn photos…with their puppy

It's a puppy! One couple decided to stage a newborn photography session with their puppy, Humphry. Photo by Elisha Minnette.
It’s a puppy! One couple decided to stage a newborn photography session with their puppy, Humphry. Photo by Elisha Minnette.

Every couple deals with awkward questions from the in-laws about when they’ll finally get a grand-kid in different ways. For Matt and Abby Kay, humor was best.

Photo by Elisha Minnette.
Photo by Elisha Minnette.

In what appears to be a growing trend of sticking societal expectations to the man with unconventional photo shoots, the Australian couple recently decided to pose for a series of endearing newborn photos…with their fluffy puppy filling in as the “baby.”

According to Buzzfeed, Matt, Abby and their golden retriever-poodle mix, Humphry, collaborated with photographer Elisha Minnette to stage the shoot.

Minnette said that while the photos were meant to poke fun at typical newborn shoots, the mood was “light-hearted.”

“We did this shoot just for a little bit of humor between ourselves, as well as for those that share the same sense of humor as us,” Minnette told Buzzfeed.

Photo by Elisha Minnette.
Photo by Elisha Minnette.

The photos, which Minnette posted to her Facebook page, have been shared thousands of times.

The happy family isn’t the first to stage a professional photo shoot for a satirical cause – in August, a Missouri teenager staged a senior photo shoot to remember at her local Taco Bell. Earlier in the summer, a 28-year-old San Francisco man posed for beautiful engagement photos with the love of his life – a burrito.

Pets of the Week: August 17, 2015

Austin Animal Center

Cookie & Blue soloCookie and Blue (IDs A697187 & A697188)

6 year old Terrier mixes, Spayed female & Neutered Male


They have been at Austin Animal Center far too long! It was 6 long months ago that their owner surrendered them due to moving and breed restrictions. Despite being slightly confused about life at the shelter, these two are the sweetest, most loving dogs you will ever meet. They love to go for walks together, sleep together and ride in the car together!  They are gentle with children and other dogs and always love to meet new people.  Shelter life has started taking a toll on these pups because they truly miss being around people. House-trained and well-mannered inside, they have become staff favorites and love to lay under the desks of staffers as they works.

KatieKatie (ID A706297)

8 year old Labrador Retriever mix, Spayed Female

Katie is affectionate and playful, but at eight years old, she is also mature and well behaved. Katie’s foster family reports that she is house trained, not destructive when left alone inside (with doggy door access to the yard for potty breaks), and gets along well with the other dogs in the home. Katie has shown interest in chasing neighborhood cats while out walking with her foster parents, so she would probably do best in a home without cats or other small animals. 

StewartStewart (ID A709066)

1 year old Tabby, Neutered Male

Stewart is super affectionate and easy to be around. Stewart was actually breaking into homes trying to find a home! Finally some of the neighbors decided to bring him to the shelter, in hopes that he could find a forever home that will allow him to live indoors!

Annie-1Annie (ID A697537)

3 year old Pit Bull mix, Spayed Female

Enough though Annie came to us is very bad shape back in February, we have learned that she’s a sweet, playful, goofy girl who has a great personality! Fetch, swimming, and going for walks are some of her favorite things to do! Annie knows sit and seems house-trained!! We are sure that she is going to bring  much joy to someone’s life.

Austin Pets Alive


Bull Terrier/Australian Kelpie, female, 6 years, 7 months

Who doesn’t love a peach? Peaches is a fun, smart dog who is just the right size and temperament for a family with older children. She is quite affectionate once she becomes comfortable with new people, which usually doesn’t take too long. She loves to run and play fetch, and with her intelligence and focus we even think she would make a good candidate for agility work. Peaches needs to be your only pet in the home because she wants you all to herself.


Pointer mix, male, 5 years, 9 months

House arrived at APA quite nervous and confused. But now that he has gotten more used to his surroundings, he has shown us a sweet temperament that makes him a pleasure to be around. House loves to stay close to people so that he can get some attention and affection. However, he is not a jumpy, needy dog. When he was first introduced to other dogs here at the shelter, House didn’t seem to know what to make of them. But he has started to loosen up, and now seems much more relaxed around other dogs.


Pit Bull Terrier, male, 2 years, 10 months

Reno wears his heart on his sleeve. And it’s a huge heart. Even though his greetings are lively, Reno is a very mellow boy who mostly prefers to hang out with his people. Reno needs a person, or family, who will commit to spending time with him and patiently train him to be the best boy he can be. Reno has a gentle temperament around kids and has done well with most of the dogs he’s met. He does need a cat-free home, though.


Hop a LongHop a Long

Domestic Shorthair, female, 11 years, 6 months

Hop a Long has a chronic eye issue which causes her to squint a bit and look perpetually grumpy, but once you meet her you’ll realize that she’s actually a very sweet and affectionate cat! She loves being pet and stroked and gently loved on by humans. She doesn’t mind living with other cats as long as they stay out of her business and just let her be the cool, mellow, independent kitty that she is. At this senior stage of her life, Hop a Long would rather not be living with dogs or kids who could stress her out.

Texas Humane Heroes


Domestic Shorthair/Mix, female, 5 years

Meet Chloe! She is a sweet girl that loves human attention! She will be the first to greet you at the door and tell you how her day went. She loves being pet and scratched and could spend all day lounging around with you and enjoying a warm day. She is the perfect addition to any home looking for a sweet and affectionate cat.


Domestic Shorthair/Mix, female, 7 months

Introducing Brooke! Brooke is a fun and feisty girl that loves to play! Her favorite toy just happens to be one that she will never lose- her tail! She could play for hours and would love to have you for a play mate. When she isn’t having an adventure, she is ready to spend the evening relaxing in your lap and getting some love and pets.


Pit Bull Terrier Mix, male, 2 years

Howdy, I’m Quincy! I’m a fun-loving pooch looking for good times and good eats! I go with the flow, and I always have a smile on my face. I would be a great companion for most families. We could go for hikes and runs, or relax on the couch with a movie! Come meet me and lets talk it over.


Chihuahua, Short Coat Mix, female, 4 years

Hi, I’m Sandy! I enjoy long walks on the beach at sunset and the occasional paw-garita. I’m very sweet and playful, I have lots of dog and human friends here. I’m a professional snuggler too! I can’t wait to be someone’s ray of sunshine, will that be you?


Terrier Mix, male, 1 year

Hi, my name’s Amos! I’m a happy, carefree, sweeter-than-a-cookie pup. My life wasn’t so great before coming here but you wouldn’t know it when you meet me! I love my toys and the yummy treats people give me. I have dog friends here too and we have so much fun! I’m a bit of a wall-flower, I’m still getting used to living in People World. Will you be the one to help me gain confidence and be the best pup I can be?

Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary


5 months, Female, Domestic Shorthair




4 months, Female, Domestic Shorthair

Danika, the little stunt driver, always on the move until she runs out of gas and crashes on you lap for a long nap.


6 months, Male, Domestic Shorthair


AngeloBlue1[1]Angelo Blue

1 year, Male, Domestic Shorthair

Hi, there! My name is Angelo Blue but my friends just call me Blue. I am a very independent kitty. I’m a lover, not a fighter, and am also pretty laid back. I’m not that big on being carried around but will sit in your lap sometimes. I enjoy the company of other kitties very much because I love to play and be silly. I live with several dogs and like them a lot, too.


1 year, Female, Retriever Mix

Hello! My name is Cassidy and I so want a forever home! I had a rough start, but now that I have a foster family I hope the rest of my life will be great! I do a good job pleasing and obeying my family. I love attention and I look adoringly at my foster dad with my big brown eyes! My family says that there is a lot of expression in my eyes. At first, I may seem a little shy, but if you will show me love, I’ll warm up to you.


Williamson County shelter waiving adoption fees Aug. 15

From the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter:

Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter (WCRAS) believes every shelter animal will find its dream home during this year’s Clear the Shelters event scheduled Saturday, August 15, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The idea hatched in 2014 when shelter representatives across North Texas gathered to discuss participating in a unified campaign. Within a few weeks, 38 area shelters joined, and NBC 5 and Telemundo 39 agreed to serve as media partners. Last year’s effort turned into the largest adoption event in North Texas history.

This year, the event has a national presence. NBC 5 and Telemundo 39’s parent company, NBCUniversal, which owns stations across the country, expanded the effort to other cities.  Currently, more than 300 shelters have signed up to participate.

In an effort to find homes for the over 200 adoptable dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies in their care, the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter will open an hour early. Plus, all adoption fees will be waived. Potential adopters are encouraged to download, fill out, and bring their adoption application from their website (Cardboard cat carriers can be purchased for $4 or adopters can bring their own.)

WCRAS Director Cheryl Schneider adds, “There’s a home for every animal and an animal for every home, it is just a matter of making the connection. From puppies and kittens to snuggly adult dogs and cats, a wide variety of loving animals long for a home.”

Visit the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter at 1855 SE Inner Loop in Georgetown or go to for a full list of participating shelters and detailed information. Hours may vary among shelters and other fees may apply. ASPCA also is a sponsor.

Pets of the Week: August 10, 2015

Austin Animal Center

AnnieAnnie (ID A697537)

3 year old Pit Bull mix, Spayed Female, Kennel 2 at Town Lake Animal Center

Enough though Annie came to us is very bad shape back in February, she’s a sweet, playful, goofy girl who has a great personality. She is going to bring so much joy to someone’s life. Fetch, swimming, and going for walks are some of her favorite things to do! Annie knows sit and seems house-trained!! Come meet this special girl at Town Lake Animal Center and give her the home she truly deserves.

CaitlynCaitlyn (ID A699227)

4 month old Cream tabby, Spayed Female, In Foster

Caitlyn is loveable with a laid back personality.  She loves to play, but is just as happy hanging out in your lap, snuggling with you  or another sibling! She is looking for an indoor-only home where she will never be declawed!

Blue1Blue (ID A649782)

8 year old Pit Bull mix, Neutered Male, In Foster

Blue is a sweet, goofy, laid back boy who knows basic commands and is house-trained, loves playing fetch with his jolly ball, taking walks, hanging by your side at dog friendly restaurants and bars, car rides and relaxing with his human. He has lived with cats and other dogs. Rowdy and loud dogs are not his favorite type, mellow, like him is best!

SandySandy (ID A676266)

8 year old German Shepherd mix, Spayed Female, In Foster

477 days! Sandy was in very poor shape when she was 1st brought to Austin Animal Center, as a stray back in April of 2014. Now with TLC and a loving foster home, she is the best shape ever. We do know that she is blind in one eye and pretty hard of hearing over all! Yet, she is very gentle and easy going, knows sit and enjoys just hanging around with her foster.

SavannahSavannah (ID A708601)

4 year old Domestic Short hair, Spayed Female, Cat Condo

Savannah is searching for her dream home! Her previous owner could no longer care for her and now she waits here at the shelter for a new beginning. Calm, quiet and loving she has perfect manners.

Austin Pets Alive!


American Pit Bull Terrier, female, 3 years, 10 months

This sweet girl looks for affection from any of her people, those she lives with and brand new acquaintances, nudging with her nose and then leaning into them for petting and rubdowns. Vickie walks beautifully on her leash for long walks, and she especially loves playing fetch with ropes and tennis balls until exhaustion sets in. She has not been comfortable in the company of other dogs or kids and hasn’t been observed with cats, so she’ll probably do best as the only pet in a home with adults.


Plott Hound, male, 7 years, 2 months

This smart and curious boy loves to meet new people. His signature move when making new acquaintances is a polite sit and a gentlemanly paw shake, followed by flopping onto his back for a belly rub. This brindle beauty is a quick learner and very disciplined. Part of the reason he’s so easy to train is his love of treats; he’s as eager for food as he is to please, making him a fun dog to work with. He gets along with many other dogs, but a meet and greet will be the best way to find out how he does with any potential canine siblings. We are not sure how he is around cats or children.


Black Mouth Cur, female, 2 years, 9 months

Lacey is a sweet and sensitive dog who would love nothing more than a new home. She is not too crazy about the loud environment here at the shelter, and we can’t blame her. Add in the fact that she recently had a litter of pups, and this is one confused mama who is looking to change her fortunes! Even though she is very cautious and stoic around the shelter, we can tell that she is a curious dog who is interested in her surroundings. It does take her a bit of time to feel comfortable around new people, and she will need a calm, stable environment to help her relax and build confidence.


Domestic Shorthair, male, 7 years, 11 months

Duma loves people, although he may not be so crazy about cats. His previous owner had to let him go because he wasn’t getting along with the other cat of the house. He’s currently in a foster home, where he spends most of his time curled up next to any available human. This guy isn’t too interested in cat toys, but he does love the tunnels and crawling into tiny spaces. He is declawed so he never even attempts to scratch furniture.  Duma doesn’t need a lot of space, but he seems to prefer being an only kitty. He needs someone who understands and appreciates his small quirks and he will repay them tenfold in loyalty and love.


Domestic Shorthair, female, 6 years, 10 months

Chloe is a mellow and affectionate kitty with soft black fur. She is looking for a home where she could bond with one particular person and enjoy a kicked-back life of companionship. She is a super chill cat who would thrive in a quiet environment with a person who shares her relaxed temperament. Being a mellow sort of kitty, Chloe is startled by loud noises and quick movements. She just wants to curl up in your lap when you’re reading and purr herself to sleep while you pet or brush her.

Texas Humane Heroes


Domestic Shorthair/Mix, female, 4 years

Meet Capeice! Her name is as unique as her personality! She’s the type of cat that will meet you by the door when you come home, a loyal little girl! She’s a very fun and outgoing cat who loves to explore and look out windows. She has to know what all the buzz is about for everything. She would make a great companion to any family that would spend time with her, playing and cuddling. Come meet her today and see for yourself.

Little BitLittle Bit

Domestic Shorthair/Mix, female, 2 years

Meet Little Bit! Little Bit loves her space and is good at letting you want she wants! She’s a sweet girl, with a playful side as well. Come in, and you’ll see, just how great Little Bit is!


Pit Bull Terrier Mix, male, 2 years

Hi! My name is Kal and I am a sweet, lovable boy who just wants to climb in your lap and hang out. Need a running partner? Let’s go! Need a cuddle buddy? I’m your boy! Come check me out and I’ll be best your new best friend! I get along with all people I have met here, including respectful older children. I would prefer to be the only dog in your heart.


Terrier Mix, male, 2 years

Eli is a sweet little dude who loves to play with his canine buddies. Eli would be great in any home environment and with respectful children of all ages.

Smiley Jr.Smiley Jr.

Hound Mix, female, 7 months

Hi, I’m Smiley! I’m a quiet, polite lady with a beautiful smile! I’m a little shy, but I am gaining confidence everyday! I love other dogs, adjusting to a new home might be a little easier with siblings to teach me. Either way, I’m very sweet and gentle with people. I just need a little patience and an open heart!

Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary


4 months, Female, Domestic Shorthair

Cherise is inquisitive and loves to explore.  She is sweet and affectionate, and also loves to play.  She is dainty but still knows how to play with the boys.


4 months, Female, Domestic Shorthair

Very pretty and feminine but strong and outspoken.  She can be quite vocal and sometimes bossy.  Smart, sassy but affectionate and playful with lots of attitude.  She is a calico after all!


4 months, Male, Domestic Shorthair

Sterling seems to be quite intelligent, a thinker.  He loves to play but also likes to be picked up and cuddled.  He is affectionate and is well socialized with both humans and other cats.  He is a handsome fellow with beautiful white feet, tiger stripes, and spots on his tummy.


3 years, Male, Domestic Shorthair

Hello, there. I’m Bradley. The good folks at Thundering Paws rescued me from a bad situation. I’m a healthy boy with a nice, shiny coat and really like my wet food in the morning. My human friends who care for me during the day say I’m a sweet cat who can be timid at first but then I warm up and get affectionate and playful. One also says I enjoy her singing! I’m glad to jump up into their laps and get petted around my neck and ears. Purrrrr! I also like to play with feathers and get along fine with other kitties although we don’t know how I do with dogs.


1 year, Female, Mix

Hi, my name is Piper and I am looking for my forever home. I was abandoned as a younger puppy and had a hard time because no one wanted me. But I’m happy now that I have a foster home and I am excited about finding a home where I’ll belong for good! I am a very spirited pooch and I love to run and play! I am great on a leash and we can have fun walks and jogs together. I have met some other dogs and children and I think I would love to play with them.

Giveaway: See the performing pups of “The Wizard of Dogz”

Circus Chickendog performs "The Wizard of Dogs" Aug 15-23 at Dougherty Arts Center
Circus Chickendog performs “The Wizard of Dogs” Aug 15-23 at Dougherty Arts Center

The performing pooches holding center ring in Austin’s Circus Chickendog are four rescued Papillions and two breed-indeterminate medium-sized dogs, littermates adopted after they were made homeless during Hurricane Katrina.

Circus Chickendog’s upcoming family-friendly “The Wizard of Dogz,”  a quirky and entertaining take on “The Wizard Oz,” plays the Dougherty Arts Center Aug. 15-23.

We’re giving away five packages of four tickets each to each of the 2 p.m. shows on Aug. 15-16 and Aug. 21-23. To enter, email the correct answer to the following question to with the subject like “Wizard of Dogz” before 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 12

What breed of dog Toto was in the original 1939 film version of “The Wizard of Oz?”

Circus Chickendog’s  “The Wizard of Dogz” features a trained scarlet macaw playing the role Dorothy, who with the six dogs, sets out on a journey to search for the Wizard of Dogz who holds the secret to helping the pooches find forever homes.

Dog tricks, bird tricks, puppets, unicycling , clowning, live music and more come together in this adorable show which also just might teach you a few dog training tips.

According-playing juggler/unicyclist Darren Peterson, a veteran of the Royal Lichtenstein Circus is the creator and ringmaster of Circus Chickendog. Peterson trains his animals using positive reinforcement techniques and free-shaping — encouraging a dog’s natural ability and good behaviors. Peterson has taught four dogs to jump rope and two dogs to sneeze on command. Read about his methods in our story about Circus Chickendog’s annual “Muttcracker” holiday show.

Winners will be notified by email on Aug. 12. Non-winning participants will not be notified. Austin360 does not store personal information of giveaway participants. Your email will not be used for any purpose other than winner notification.

“The Wizard of Dogz”
2 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. Aug. 15-16 & 2 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. Aug. 21-23
Dougherty Arts Center, 1110 Barton Springs Road