This Austin Pets Alive adoptee loves walks the most

Photo via Instagram user tullstoy

Because of the internet, we thought we’d seen every incarnation of a cute dog getting adorably excited to go on a walk there was to see. But now there’s Poppy.

This Austin Pets Alive alumn is literally screaming at the top of her tiny Chihuahua lungs at even the idea of a walk. A video of her answer to the question, “Do you want to go for a walk?” was posted to Instagram earlier this year but just recently made its viral rounds.

Poppy doesn’t seem to get tired of being asked her favorite question either. The answer to which is always an affirmative bark-scream:

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I have a feeling that Poppy is onto us…

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We have to agree with her owner in that we too wish we had even “a flicker of this enthusiasm for pretty much anything.” Poppy isn’t this excited by everything in her little pup life, however. Another Instagram video shows that she too has her reservations.

Before you and your own Poppy go for a W-A-L-K this summer be sure to review these summer pet safety tips from the Humane Society to protect your furry friends from the heat.

Now. Do you want to….?

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